Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why I Hate Spring Break

Because it ends.

Well, at least it was fun while it lasted. My main qualm with the whole concept is that it just seems extremely negligent to give college students a week-long break and then expect us to actually go back to work afterwards. In my eyes that's just asking for trouble... 6 weeks of school left with no breaks and the heaviest workload of the semester coming up? Please, I was just in the desert killing a 5.10a rock wall, roasting weenies, peeing in the wilderness (like nature intended), scaring the shit out of tourists, and performing acrobatics that ended in self-brutalization (unintentionally, of course)- so pardon me if I'm not really in the mood to write an 8-12 page paper discussing the extent to which Women's Health Magazine is feminist at the the moment. 

Problem being, spring break is supposed to be some refreshing, rejuvenating lapse in school to give you the energy to finish out the semester without stabbing your eyes out with a pencil, but all it ends up doing is making me want to... stab my eyes out with a pencil. But even then, my professors would probably tell me that my braille comprehension skills are sub-par and I would have to find a more creative way to express my frustration.

It all comes down to what I like to call The Only Reason Worth Living: summer. If you can hold on for these last few (but exponentially painful) weeks, you're golden, Ponyboy. Then we're all free for 3 wondrous months during which we will do absolutely nothing of substance, and spend our time forgetting everything we pretended to learn about over the previous 9 months. And if you ever feel like you just can't make it any longer, do what I do and physically handcuff yourself to your chair until you get your work done (I'm kidding, I don't actually do that... but it's a brilliant idea). Base message: we're in the final stretch, and it's time to nut up or shutup.  So buckle down and put on your best focus undies: it's going to be a very uncomfortable ride.

I don't always rock-climb, but when I do I make stupid poses. Stay weird, my friends.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Reason To Smile Today

I'm going to keep this short and sweet:

This man is one of my heroes. A musical genius with a damn good sense of humor (not to mention distinctly Russian good looks) if you will. I had a great time watching this music video... literally I was smiling and laughing and dancing (badly) in my seat the entire time. 

So go ahead and take a break today; this 2 minutes and 41 seconds will make your day that much better. I promise. 

I Spy- Mikhael Paskalev