Monday, November 26, 2012

Back to Business

I'm back! 

Hope you had an absolutely extraordinary Thanksgiving and stuffed your face so full of stuffing and mashed potatoes that you couldn't breathe for 2 days! Because that's definitely what I did...

In all honesty it was fantastic to be home though. Work and class and homework and living in the ghetto of Los Angeles sure can get exhausting after a while, and sometimes it takes a good punch in the face from your brother or an awkward conversation with your Mom to make you realize how much you missed home. 

Thanksgiving at my house never fails to amuse either, and this year I watched my 19 year old friend and his 16 year old brother ride tandem on a baby toy down the biggest hill in my neighborhood! And my mom wonders why the neighbors don't like us...  

I also went on a hike, took my sister thrift store shopping, saw a movie with my dad, got to see all my old friends at a bonfire, and resolved things with my boyfriend. To top it off, there are only 3 more weeks left until I officially complete my first semester of college, giddyup!

And to each and every person who reads this:

You are special. If you're not happy with yourself, then change. There is no way that you can let yourself go through this world hating the person that you should love the most.  

So with that, I will tell you to have the best day you can and let the people who matter to you know that. 

As always, I would love to hear from you


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