Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cool Stuff Part IV

Medieval Dinner
These guys are hilarious. If you don't laugh during this video, you have no soul.

Picture of a woman at the Harbin International Ice and Snow festival, China
Best Winter Trips
Absolutely breath-taking. I hope to see all these places someday, the reason is pretty self-explanatory once you've seen these photos.
This photograph of a man giving his shoes to a homeless girl in Rio de Janeiro.
Pictures that will Restore your Faith in Humanity

It's not every day you see a random act of kindness, but when you do it definitely puts things in perspective. Real,  amazing photos of people doing things to make others happy for no reason.

This Head I Hold

As you allow your ears to take a gander at the energetic sound of this song, it might interest you to know that Asa Taccone, frontman of the band Electric Guest, is brother to Jorma Taccone (who you might know from Hot Rod, SNL or The Lonely Island). I had the privilege of seeing him live and instantly fell in love with... their music...

Oh Joy Blogs
Don't be deceived by the picture, Oh Joy is not a clothing brand. It is actually a great blog that features many of my favorite things: food, interior design, photography, clothes, and lots of other cool stuff worth checking out!  

Sorry I don't really have a picture for this one... you'll see why though.

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